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Key Stage 1

Overview of Key Stage 1 Curriculum Theme

At Weyford Infants the children work thematically which means all curriculum areas are linked wherever possible under a specific theme.  The theme is the same across key stage 1 (both year 1 and year 2) and children will be working at different levels within that according to their age and developmental needs.
There is a two year cycle of themes and these are detailed in the table below. A letter is sent home at the start of each theme which contains more information about what the children will be learning; this allows parents to talk about this and support the learning at home.  We know that when school and home work together we achieve the best possible outcomes for our children.
Annual Overview for 2015-2016 (2017-2018)
Autumn Term
The Mystery Trunk From Farm to Fork


Spring Term

London's Burning Life on the Ocean Waves


Summer Term
Beyond the School Gates Fur, Feather and Scales
Annual Overview for 2016-2017 (2018-2019)

Autumn Term

A Knight's Tale Around the World on a Sleigh
Spring Term
Journey into Space Is it Fair?


Summer Term

While You Were Sleeping Whatever the Weather


Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview 2015-16

Key Stage 1 curriculum overview 2016-2017

More information can be found in our parent handbook if you click on the link below.