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Letter regarding the outcome of the consultation for the through primary school

Letter following the Ofsted Inspection December 2016

Parent Questionnaire Spring 2016


A questionnaire was sent home with every child at Weyford Infant School and Nursery in the spring term 2016.  We were delighted with the number of responses we received.  The questions were the same questions that Ofsted ask of parents with a few additional school specific questions.


We were pleased to receive such a large number of responses to our questions with 139 responses being returned in total out of a possible 224 which is a 62% return.  Understandably, there were fewer returns from nursery with 31 of the possible 73 (42%) forms being returned.  In reception 39 out of a possible 62 (63%) forms were returned.  In year 1, 36 out of a possible 46 (78%) forms were returned and in year 2, 32 out of a possible 46 (74%) were returned.


We are particularly pleased that all of the returns (100%) indicated that our children are happy and feel safe at school and are well taught either all the time or usually and that 99% of parents also think their children are well looked after at school all the time or usually; this is a real accolade to our staff.  We are also delighted that 98% of parents think that their children make good progress at the school all the time or usually.


I would like to thank the parents for their views; we will be taking them into account as we plan for the future. 


If any parents would like to share their views with Ofsted, the same questions are available on the government website at and you can register to complete the form.



Letter to parents with the responses to the questionnaire